A Rejuvenation Health Exclusive


Alpha-Lipoic Acid


Enhanced B-Complex


Lithium Orotate 5Mg


Liposomal Vitamin C


Unflavored Daily Drink Mix


Coenzyme Q10 Ubiquinol


Vitamins D3, K1, & K2 (MK-7)


Phase I & Phase II Detoxification


Daily Support Formula


Liposomal Glutathione


Chelated Magnesium


Omega-3 Support 1,000 mg DHA+EPA


Injury & Surgical Support Formula


Highly Bioavailable Chelated Zinc*


Made of BPA-free plastic


Immune System Support


Herbal Stress Formula


Phytonutrients with Food Source Collagen


Pure Metabolically Active Folate


Vitamin-Rich Micronutrient Formula


Vitamin-Rich Micronutrient Formula


Comprehensive Spore Based Microbiome Support Formula


Comprehensive Herbal Support


“I have long recognized the need for optimal nutritional supplements to support and enhance the body’s ability to self-regulate and heal.

Having personally sourced and researched the finest, bioavailable ingredients over many years for each of our Rejuvenation Health Optimal Products, I am confident you will enjoy their benefits as much as I have.”

Dr. Gerry Curatola,

Founder, Rejuvenation Health


From our initial research and selection of the highest grade and quality ingredients — to adhering to an uncompromising commitment to best-practice diligence at every stage of production — is how Rejuvenation Health™ delivers its comprehensive, and growing line of premium wellness products to you. 

We take quality assurance seriously and only work with manufacturers who meet our high standards. Our select manufacturing facilities have multiple GMP registrations, organic, kosher, and non-GMO certifications, and undergo audits from various government and private agencies.

Be assured that every one of our Optimal Health & Wellness products has been tested for purity, potency and effectiveness — just one reason why you can trust Rejuvenation Health™ as a partner in your journey to achieving your health and quality-of-life goals.